Tribute (Life History) Video

Photo Montages / Memorial Video

Images help us remember the times we have shared with our loved ones--a video can speak to the heart in a way that few other things can. A special dedication can be prepared from many sources including photos, slides, videotape, movie film and even audio recordings. Putting these sources together in a Memorial Video Tribute will give you and your loved ones something you will always treasure. We will work with the timeline that you layout, even adding your voiceover. We can also insert your special text messages. Watching this video will bring back memories you've shared with your loved one, ensuring that their spirit will always live on in your heart.

To make your new video more meaningful, we would like to spend some time talking to you about your project. This will help us understand what is most important to you.

Preparation and Shipping Instructions:

  • Tell us the title of your video.
  • Gather together your favorite photographs, films and tapes.
  • Write down any text that you want to appear in the Memorial.
  • Please provide the appearance order by placing a number on the source material.
  • Decide what music you want to use. You can also send in your music CDs which will be returned.
  • Please keep in mind when sending material that each photo can be displayed for up 10 seconds.
  • We suggest that the video be less than 20 minutes so your loved ones can take the opportunity to see the entire Memorial.
  • Carefully pack all your photos and use a shipper that offers a traceable shipment.

Memorial Media Options: