Our Archive Policy

It's kind of scary just how easily DVDs can be scratched and damaged. The shiny plastic surface of your disc can become littered with all types of scratches and marks which may prevent the disc from playing properly. imageFor that reason, you should have some form of recovery for all of your home movies. We always recommend that you have extra DVDs made of your project and then secure them in a safe place.

At The Transfer Place we know that you can't have enough backup sources. Therefore, in late 2008, we started archiving our customers' movies so that they will be available from us should they need a copy in the future.

So now, if you find yourself with a damaged disc or just want to order a copy for yourself or someone else, all you need to do is provide us with the date and title of your DVD. We will be happy to burn another copy from our archive. Please be aware that even though we archive your DVD files, we can not guarantee that a hard drive in an archive will not fail.

It is our policy to archive projects solely for the peace of mind of our customers in the event their DVD is lost, damaged or destroyed or should they want to order additional copies. Archived projects are never viewed nor shared. If you prefer The Transfer Place not to archive your project, please let us know and we will delete your project. In that case, we recommend ordering extra copies.